August Updates!

[Version française ci-dessous] 1. Post-Docs 2. Bargaining 3. Pay Equity 4. Sick Days and Personal Days 5. Workshops 6. Unsafe McGill 1. Post-Docs On August 1st, a decision of a government appointed arbitrator finalized a three-year … [Read more]

May Updates!

[Version française ci-dessous] 1. Bargaining and Casuals 2. Pay Equity 3. AGM Updates 4. Union Orientation 5. Mobilization Update 6. AMURE Steward Network 7. Reading Group! Bargaining and Casuals: During our last couple of bargaining … [Read more]

February Updates!

[Version française ci-dessous] Hope everyone is enjoying the Montreal winter. Stay warm, and while you’re doing so, check out some news from your union! 1. Annual General Assembly 2. Bargaining 3. Pay Equity 4. Casual Commiseration 5. Union … [Read more]