Counselling Services

Members of the AMURE executive and board of representatives have worked towards implementing the policy Supporting AMURE Members Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence or Abuse, which was passed at our Annual General Meeting in January.  The system devised will provide two means by which any research employee at McGill who has experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, or abuse can anonymously access counselling and support services at the expense of AMURE’s savings.

The first involves working with a licensed counselor and trauma specialist that AMURE has already made arrangements with, for a set of ten sessions, renewable as necessary.

  1. Make an appointment with Lindsay Chipman by calling (514) 237-6643 or by emailing her at
  2. Explain that you are covered by AMURE’s policy as a McGill research employee.
  3. Go to your appointment, schedule follow-ups as needed.

The second option applies to those research employees who would rather work with a counselor whom we do not have on retainer (i.e. someone they are already seeing or feel more comfortable with) for a set of ten sessions, renewable as necessary.

  1. Bring to your counsellor a print off of this letter, which explains the policy in full.
  2. If your counselor can accommodate an arrangement, as described in the form, have them contact us.
  3. Schedule up to ten sessions with them to deal with experiences of sexual assault, domestic violence, and abuse, at the expense of AMURE’s savings.

Please note that the policy allows for very broad definitions of sexual assault, domestic violence, and domestic abuse, and we believe that everyone has the right to define their own experiences.

Should you have any questions or feedback, you are welcome to contact us by email or phone, with or without disclosing your identity, or through a third-party.

Katie Saulnier, Member Communications Coordinator

Sean Cory, President

Tyler Lawson, Research and Member Education Coordinator