February Updates!

[Version française ci-dessous] Hope everyone is enjoying the Montreal winter. Stay warm, and while you’re doing so, check out some news from your union! 1. Annual General Assembly 2. Bargaining 3. Pay Equity 4. Casual Commiseration 5. Union … [Read more]

November/December Updates!

[Version française ci-dessous] 1. Annual General Meeting 2. Bargaining 3. Pay Equity 4. Changing Positions 5. Labour Library 6. Union Orientation 7. Casual Commiseration 8. AMUSE Strike 9. Sign a Membership Card! 1. Annual General … [Read more]

June Updates!

[Version française ci-dessous] As part of our collective agreement, McGill is supposed to email job postings to all employees. It has taken 3 years, but as everyone is now aware, this has started to happen. McGill is responsible for the mailing … [Read more]

April Updates!

[Version française ci-dessous] In this update: 1. AGM Update 2. AMURE Executive 2016 3. Board of Representatives and Stewards 4. Post-doctoral Students 5. Update on Collective Bargaining 6. AMURE in the News 7. Inter-Union Council 8. Sign … [Read more]